Good Times Farm

278 Jackson MIlls Road
Freehold, NJ 07728



While showing and lessons are important, it's important to just have fun with your horse as well and GTF is lucky enough to be able to trail ride right off the farm.  We are a 50+ Acre farm in Freehold NJ that has direct access to Turkey Swamp State park and Turkey Swamp Wildlife management area in addition to the trails on our own property.  Together they comprise a 6000+ acre area in which to ride.  The trail systems located in the state park portion are maintained to "trail princess" standards.  The park department does a great job here and there are multiple loops available.  We can get directly to the lake area or the Nomoco Road Activity area (see maps).   I have ridden most  of this trail system and my favorite loop is the Manasquan trail, which loops back to the river and is very pretty and picturesque. I have been out for over 4 hours and never had to take the same trail twice.  Mostly flat and sandy, it has great footing for most all of the year.  Turkey swamp WMA is HUGE and it seems like I find a new trail whenever I venture out.    We hold a trail blazing and clearing party at least once a year and are always trying to make improvements.

Topo map of Turkey Swamp WMA 

Turkey Swamp State Park Trail Map

Trails directly out of GTF that link to TSP

We are also a very short trailer ride ( 5 minutes or so) to Manasquan reservoir, where hunting is never allowed, so it's a great place to go during deer hunting season.  Allaire State Park is 10 minutes, Collier's Mills WMA is 19 minutes, and Assunpink WMA is 16 minutes away.