Good Times Farm

278 Jackson MIlls Road
Freehold, NJ 07728



We are professional horsemen that live on the premises, and all activity at the farm can easily be seen from the home.  All staff is closely supervised and mentored in good horsemanship techniques.  We care for your horse as if it were one of our own.        

Indoor and Outdoor riding arenas.  On site trails and training track.  Regulation Sized dressage ring for our dressage shows. We have rated and schooling dressage shows here every year. We also have very low key fun shows strictly for boarders.

Two barns, 22 and 24 stalls, stalls are 10 x 12, matted, with a barred 3 x 3 window that opens.  

Heated tack rooms.

Hot and cold water bath stalls.

Individual feed program for each horse. Horses are grained twice a day, hayed 3 times a day w/ nightly bed check at 7:30 each night overseen every night by Syl and Guilene.  Excellent quality timothy hay. Water faucets in the turnout areas in addition to the stalls.  Our water is of a very good quality, tastes good and is safe for human consumption.  If we wouldn't drink it, we wouldn't expect your horse to either!  

Wide aisles in the barns for an additional safety factor.  There are no large intrusions such as oversized tack trunks kept in our aisles for the safety of our horses. 

Double Oak Fencing that are well maintained and as safe as we can make them.   There are 23 fields and paddocks.  Twelve foot aisles between the paddocks for safety, horses cannot fight over the fences.   Run in Sheds in several paddocks. Our farm also has great drainage and natural footing to die for.  Turnout areas are inspected and cleaned routinely. While we cannot accommodate every request for turnout situations, we make every effort to insure as much turn out time either private or group, as is possible.

All riding areas are maintained on a routine basis by dragging, picking and cleaning.

We have farm vets, dentists and farriers, however you are welcome to use anyone you wish.

We have trails on our own property, a 1/3 mile track around a pond, and we are adjacent to Turkey Swamp Park, surrounded by several thousand acres of fish and game land with trails.    It's also a short distance away from Allaire state park, Manasquan Reservoir, Assunpink, and Colliers Mills preserve. 

Clean, flushable, heated, lit restroom. 

Parking lots and driveways are routinely maintained. Clean and convenient parking areas for clients with plenty of room to maneuver large horse trailers.  We also offer as a courtesy, free horse trailer parking for our boarders.

Rodent control contractor, Mt Feeney pest control, who specializes in horse farms is kept on retainer and routinely visits our farm to help keep us rodent free.  Mt Feeney pest control uses professional methods that ensure the horses and other animals at our farm are not accidentally poisoned. Fly parasite wasps spread monthly during fly season.  Click here for more information: 

Composting area a long distance from the barns. 

Because we are a private farm without outside trainers and coaches, (just our own) our boarders do not have to deal with large blocks of time when the arenas are not available.

6 horse exercise wheel.